Contributing artists are Aviva Hannah, Selena de Carvalho, Reg Mombassa, Bill Hatcher, Michael Schlitz, Rob Blakers, Matthew Newton, Wolfgang Glowacki, Andrew Donohoe, Rachel Tribout, Elizabeth Barsham, Ernie Summerfield and Simon Pankhurst. All proceeds of sales at Hogan Gallery will support the artists and Huon Valley Environment Centre for its ongoing work in defending native and forests of Southern Tasmania.

Ancient tree in the Weld Valley, Southern Tasmania / Bill Hatcher

Since its establishment by community volunteers in 2001 the Huon Valley Environment Centre has acted as a tireless voice for the threatened forests and ecosystems of Southern Tasmania. Huon Valley Environment Centre activists have practiced a strong community ethic, organised hundreds of non-violent protests, fought litigation, experienced the violence of their opponents and, yet, continue to stand up for the protection of the wild forests of southern Tasmania.   Our efforts have brought unprecedented international attention to the threatened forests of the Huon, including the Weld Valley.

The Black Sassy Artists Collective are curators and collaborators of the Huon Valley Environment Centre. Black Sassy Artists Collective is a community collective of artisans, poets, creative and musicians, inspired by the wilds of Tasmanian forests, rivers and seas, and the people who stand up to protect these places.  It focuses on encouraging and empowering, inspiring and educating peoples about the beauty and integral nature of being part of these wild lands.

Situated in the small southern Tasmanian town of Huonville, the Huon Valley Environment Centre organises international and national exposure for the threatened forests of southern Tasmania, with non-violent direct action, forest community open days and artist field trips, information dissemination, film making, public meetings, report writing, lobbying, an eco-shop and threatened forest wilderness gallery. The HVEC provides a staunch and independent voice for the forests and ecosystems that face destruction at the hands of Tasmania’s logging and mining industries.

Huon Valley Environment Centre spearheaded the campaign in Tasmania against Ta Ann, a Malaysian logging cartel who produces veneer in Tasmania.  The campaign exposes the truth about Ta Ann’s ‘eco-lies’ and their role in driving the continual destruction of native forests in Tasmania. See www.taann.net

For more information on the Huon Valley Evironment Centre please visit www.huon.org

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